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When you need great movers in Berkeley Ca. we will be ready and waiting. Our highly trained staff of young, strong, experienced movers will get your move done with the highest level of expertise. We know Berkeley, our movers work here, live here and go to school here. We know moving, with an A+ rating at the BBB and hundreds of 5 star rated online reviews, you can be sure your goods will be treated with the care and attention you deserve. We know value, our pricing system is one of the lowest in the region, you don't have to pay too much to get a great moving experience. Call our Berkeley Moving Company today for a free quote !


We offer an array of different moving and storage services including full service packing and crating, short and long term storage, clean, climate controlled storage facilities and 24 hour security to keep your items safe.

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Here at Berkeley Movers we're a different kind of moving company. To us a completely satisfied customer is the only kind of customer. We don't argue about pricing or request exhorbitant not to exceed estimate amounts. We don't demand large deposits or payment up front. We don't add surprise charges or ridiculous material charges. Call for your free quote today !


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Tips About Moving and Storage in Berkeley Ca 

Take Your Time Choosing Your Moving and Storage Provider.
Locally, you have access to many moving companies that can range from two movers and a box van to major interstate movers or international movers with climate-controlled van lines. It's a good idea to consult several moving companies so you can plan accordingly. And the more companies you consider, the more likely you are to find the optimal service for your specific moving requirements. 

Consult Several Moving Companies.
Call several moving companies to get price ranges and available services. There may be a charge for moving or relocation quotes, so ask about this before you accept services from moving companies in Berkeley. Be prepared to answer questions regarding the volume of your belongings, start and destination addresses, and whether or not you need to store anything. If you have particularly fragile or large items, inquire as to whether or not the movers can safely transport it. If so, ask if it would incur additional moving fees.

Can Everything Be Moved or Put into Storage?
Make sure everything you plan to pack is allowed to be transported. A moving company can usually provide a list of prohibited items. Some items are not allowed by certain storage companies or storage units. Ask if there are any materials or substances you cannot store in the mini storage facilties or storage space.

Rid Yourself of Possessions You Don't Want Before the Movers Arrive.
Don't automatically pack up everything you own. After a certain amount of time, we all accrue junk we will never use again, but it still gathers dust in our homes. Consider holding a garage sale or making a donation to a local thrift store before moving to get rid of some of this dead weight. Moving costs are generally calculated by the weight of the load, or the time it takes to load so don't waste money shipping items you would never miss anyway.

Likewise, it doesn't pay to store items you don't need. Before packing and moving your belongings into a storage unit or storage facility, weed out items you don't want. Remember, there is very imited space in self storage containers, mini storage units, portable storage or storage rental containers and you don't want to pay to store more furnitire or boxes than you need.

Think Beyond the Move.
Advance planning and organization will reduce the stress of moving. Keep all documents related to your move in one easily accessible location. Develop a folder, notebook or even a daily planner to keep track of important phone numbers and documents. Referrals for new services, maps of your new town and contact information for old friends are just a few more things that you may want to stash in your organizer.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign an Agreement with a Moving Company.
When you're seriously considering a moving company, check all necessary credentials before you sign. Verify the certificate of authority (DOT number) through the Department of Transportation and CAL-T certification through the California Public Utilities Commission.

Don't Get Hung Up on Prices From Moving Companies or Storage Facilities.
Don't let cost be your sole motivator. The cheapest moving companies compensate employees poorly, use inferior means of loading and transport and often have bad track records. To ensure your belongings arrive in the same state they left, carefully screen moving companies in Berkeley before you consider price. Good storage facilities will guard your belongings whether they are in self-storage, mini storage or portable storage units. Price often reflects the quality of the storage facilities, which may include video surveilance or monitored storage spaces.

Inspect the Shipment Upon Arrival.
As soon as your belongings reach your destination, check for any damage that may have occurred in transit. It's imperative that you do this as soon as possible. Legal culpability dwindles with time. If you find damage, refer to your contract for liability and compensation information.

Know Your Rights in Regard to Moving Companies and Storage Units.
If you arrive at an impasse with your moving company or storage facility, know that you are protected by state and federal law. These laws vary by region, so learn about specific protection in the Berkeley area at the California Department of Consumer Affairs  Web Site.

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